FixSpeedy Optimizer virus on my computer



Please help me fix my computer. A trojan or virus that pop-ups an ad endorsing FixSpeedy Optimizer is present on my laptop. The pop-up states that virus is present on my computer and FixSpeedy Optimizer will fix this problem for a certain fee.

The company is based in India and from my research; this is a bogus online tech support. In fact, the pop-ups saying I have virus is fake. I am not worried with that, the only thing that bothers me now is the pop-up that keeps on appearing every few seconds.

I have looked into my installed programs and FixSpeedy Optimizer is not there. There is no way to remove this virus via Control Panel because there is no item relevant to it on Add/Remove area. I have also scanned the PC with my antivirus software but the process didn’t get rid of the FixSpeedy Optimizer virus.

Please help me remove the pop-up from the browser. I am not a tech person so please provide tools that can automate the removal of FixSpeedy Optimizer.

Raff Anderson

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