Fix 404 Not Found nginx virus



Someone please help me. Since yesterday, I cannot browse the Internet for good. It always displays “404 Not Found nginx”. I really don’t know what to do. I did try to visit facebook and youtube but this 404 thing is blocking my access.

I have visited many computer security forums looking for answers. I did try suggestions such as update Java runtime, reinstall Adobe Flash Player, and update the affected browser. Some suggested fixing registry errors with tools. However, none of these steps seems to work. I am still getting the “404 Not Found nginx” error page. It all started with youtube blocking, but now, it seems to take over my PC. I cannot browse any other sites anymore. The virus blocks the entire Internet access. Sometime, it allows me to access Google but I noticed that all search results are redirected to other web sites, which are not my request.

Please help me get a fix for Nginx 404 Not Found. I am willing to buy a program you can recommend that will remove this virus 100 percent.


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