FirstSearchBar Virus Removal



I have a FirstSearchBar virus on my computer. It has slowed down my Internet browsing due to heavy redirect and pop-up ads. The browser also has this FirstSearchBar Toolbar that is placed on Google Chrome and Firefox without my approval. When I first open the browser, it will show Google as my home page, then, in a few seconds it will get redirected to random site. Searching the web is also affected by this FirstSearchBar virus. Clicking on search result link will not deliver the actual web page but another unknown web address that contains ads.

FirstSearchBar first appeared after I have downloaded a flash player. My friend told me that I may have acquired the fake update. Instead of updating my flash, adware is installed on my PC instead. I don’t see any presence of this program update on my add/remove program. How am I going to uninstall it if there is no executable button?

I am so tired of searching the web for FirstSearchBar removal including the unwanted toolbar. Several sites I have visited are requiring paid version of different programs they are offering. I am not fool to spend for overpriced software just to remove FirstSearchBar virus. I know that I can get rid of it through the help of the experts here.

Thanks and more power,

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