“File Recovery Virus” removal tool



Hi, I wonder if someone can point me to a good web site that provides a removal tool for File Recovery Virus. This fake program infiltrates my computer while I was downloading a movie. Now, my PC is a complete mess. I cannot run any program and when I try, File Recovery Virus will block and express that the file in infected. Internet seems to be block also; the malware redirects my browser to a warning page stating that I should purchase File Recovery to have a secure web browsing.

This is my second day fighting this malware. I have visited several forums but could not find the perfect solution. Some wants me to pay for a service fee of $200 just to remove File Recovery and Trojans. That is too expensive for malware cure.

I hope that I can get clear answers from this forum. All I wanted is a good and effective tool that can uninstall File Recovery from my devastated computer. I cannot perform manual removal because I am not a technical person. Please advise a good program that automatically detects and clean the malware.

Thanks a lot.

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