FakeAlert!PCVirusless trojan or virus



How serious is this Trojan?…how can it be removed without harming the System32\at171.dll? Thanks! Can I do it with the Super AntiSpyware Free Edition 4.48.1000? Should I just rebuild the dll with RestoreGuard At171.dll Repair tool?

McAfee(r) Labs Stinger(tm) Version built on Jan 10 2011
Copyright (c) 2010 McAfee, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Virus data file v1000.0000 created on Jan 10 2011.

Ready to scan for 2112 viruses, trojans and variants.
Scan initiated on Wed Jan 19 16:56:34 2011
Found the FakeAlert!PCVirusless trojan !!!
C:\Windows\System32\atl71.dll is infected with the FakeAlert!PCVirusless virus !!!
C:\Windows\System32\atl71.dll could not be repaired.

Number of clean files: 315903
Number of infected files: 1

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