Effective removal of Nation Zoom virus



My browser is being attacked by Nation Zoom virus. I don’t know how I got it or where does this hijacker originated. It has taken over the computer as fast as it can without being detected by my antivirus program. All of a sudden, I observe that home page is now set to http://nationzoom.com This Nation Zoom virus affects all of browsers installed on my PC like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

I am not a computer expert so I am having hard time removing this malware. After reading a post from the blogs, I followed the instructions. However, Nation Zoom virus still exists on my computer. Maybe I have missed some part. As I have told you, I am not a tech savvy so I cannot perform all written in the guides as I should.

It is very annoying that every time I open the browser, home page and new tab shows Nation Zoom search box. I cannot modify it. By the way, I have scanned the computer with AVG antivirus but it was not helpful in getting rid of the Nation Zoom virus.

Queeny Johnson

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