Can’t remove myPCBackup malware


robin dale

I considered myPCBackup as a malware or some type of virus that was installed on my computer without my request. I have myPCBackup to appear on the screen in several occasions. I have check the add/remove of Windows and could not find the program there. Running MS Security Essential didn’t find nor detect myPCBackup as a threat, so there is no way to remove it.

I have deleted the program files but it will still pop-up at times. Also, deleted file seems to reappear when I restart Windows. I am running out of patience for this myPCBackup virus. It was installed but I think developer doesn’t want to get it removed from the computer and was designed it to hide all files.

If I cannot find a way to remove this malware, or someone cannot help me with this problem, my next move is to use Windows system restore. Although, I am still not confident that doing so will remove myPCBackup. I don’t want to waste my time reinstalling all programs because my last restore point was just like a newly reformat Windows.

Please advice on what to do to completely remove myPCBackup from my computer. Removal tools and easy guide is most welcome because I am not a technical person to deal with manual removal.

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