Can’t remove Magnipic.exe virus



My computer is now at near-dead state. It can open and boot on Windows but do not respond at all. Last thing I know is Magnipic virus attack it. This was not the initial virus I have discovered. Prior to that, I accidentally installed a Privatize VPN malware. Since my antivirus detected it, I waste no time and removed it immediately. To make it sure that no more virus is left on the computer, I downloaded and scan the computer with Malwarebytes.

I was surprise after the scan. MBAM found a Magnipic.exe virus. The tool recommends removal of Magnipic so I did. After restarting Windows, the problem begins to appear. MBAM will always warn of virus in the presence of Magnipic.exe. Then, the computer will freeze. Tried every function keys that could open application or shutdown Windows but it doesn’t respond. I have to unplug the power just to reboot the computer. It does the same thing after reboot. It seems that Magnipic.exe virus has locked the computer. I tried to end some process by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del to access Task Manager, again it failed to initiate.

What should I do now to remove Magnipic.exe virus from the infected computer? I need help to fix this issue on my PC.

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