Can’t Remove virus



I noticed since this morning that when I open new tab in Firefox, it is redirecting to It is not the usual blank page anymore when opening new tab. All the while I though this has something to do with my update done on Mozilla. However, further reading from various forums enlightens me that is a browser hijacker malware. After thoroughly running Mozilla Firefox, I can clearly see how the fake search controls it. Using Google search will bring me to Also toolbar is present on the browser.

A change it has made to browser is annoying. It is more frustrating seeing affects my Internet speed. It took a while before I can open a web site. Sometime, I will get “page not found” error due to slow Internet traffic.

After several visits to some security web sites, I’ve learned that most user who has have troubles removing the virus from the computer. I am almost convinced. Scan with antivirus program found some malicious files but were not removed. It seems that antivirus program alone is not adequate to remove virus. Need some advice here.


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