can not find script file VirusCleaner.vbe

Every now and then a Windows Script Host pop-up with message ” Cannot find script file “C:\Windows\System32\VirusCleaner.vbe” appears on my computer. I know that VirusCleaner is a rogue program. Is it related to my current problem? I was never got infected with the fake AV so how this I obtained the .VBE virus?

My computer is protected by antivirus program called Avast. Never did it alarm me of any virus infection. I also do not visit adult web sites so what are the chances that I did catch the rogue software. Please help me find a solution to resolve this VBE issue. Its causing so much annoyances on my computer. Thanks for all those who are willing to help.

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  1. Bikram says:

    There wasn’t any file on my computer but was stil showing “C:\WINDOWS\system32\VirusCleaner.vbe”. I created a notepad file named “Virouscleaner” and change the extension “*.txt” to *.vbe* that does not have anything written in it. I placed this file at the above location and restarted my computer and Done!

  2. BUNTY says:

    this message always displays when I start the computer & tell me how I remove this.

  3. SUBRAT says:


    Hi, Still i am not found the virus in my laptop.Plz. give the solution.I only remove the windows title name .When i logged in it wil displayed the msg. c:windowssystem32rahul’svirusprotection.vbe.