Backdoor.Win64.Zaccess Removal



Hi, a Trojan struck my computer and AVG detected it as Backdoor.Win64.Zaccess. I notice this few days back when my laptop starts getting so slow to the point that it will stop on responding. If that happens, I have to reset the system to refresh it. I downloaded AVG free version and start scanning the computer. It founds a couple of Backdoor.Win64.Zaccess under my Windows folder and shows me the result that it is deleted. However, when I turned off the computer and on again, the Trojan is still there. AVG will do the same thing.

I am hoping that someone might be able refer a good antivirus program so that I can permanently remove Backdoor.Win64.ZAccess. My computer is really so slow with the presence of this Trojan. I browse the web for this type of threat but found nothing.

Thanks in advance.

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