AVASoft Antivirus Professional Activation Code



Hi, my computer is currently infected with AVASoft Antivirus Professional malware. I cannot use it anymore since the virus has locked it. I cannot connect to Internet either to download removal tool. Also, I found that the malware have disabled my anti-virus program, so, there is no way to run any kind of scan on this computer.

I may have obtained AVASoft Antivirus Professional after installing a Java update that is flashing on my Windows taskbar. I thought it was a legitimate update. However, after loading it, my PC started to slow down. Then, all my program closes one at a time. Few seconds more, my computer restarts on its own. After boot-up, I can see that AVASoft Antivirus Professional is running a scan and prompts that I have infected files. When I try to fix them, it asked me for the registration code, which I can only have after paying using my credit card. This virus cannot fool me.

I wanted to get rid of this malware by running its full version. Thus, I need the activation code for AVASoft Antivirus Professional. I am sure that once it is activated, I can get back access to files and Internet. If you have other great solutions, just let me know.


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