redirect virus



How to remove virus?

I’ve got this virus few days ago after viewing a tutorial video. It spreads so fast and it even infects my removable drives and USB flash drive. Our network computer’s security was able to identify the intrusion right away so the spread got limited only to my own PC.

Searching the Internet reveals that is an old threat. There are discussions of this on various forums as early as 2006. After reading and executing some removal steps, I am not lucky enough to remove redirect on my computer.

What this malware does on my computer is it opens a new browser showing various ads from questionmarket. There are instances, that browser is hijacked and instead of the requested page, it will display a message like this:

Your Opinion Matters
Take a quick survey. Your answer will strictly be used for research purposes.”

After the while the web page will shut down on its own. Running various scans, tools like Microsoft Security Essentials, Junkware, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and Norton 360 found no threats. Please tell me how to stop my web site from getting redirect to


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