800000cb.@ infected with Win32:Trojan-gen



Good day guys,

My computer is experiencing great trouble similar with other people. Win32:Trojan-gen is identified by my antivirus on 800000cb.@. Actually, there are two files affected. My AV program keeps on detecting this file every 10 minutes or so.

Before this problem occurs, I am browsing the Internet and reading some articles from CNN, BBC, and other news web site. I also did made a visit to Facebook and chat over Yahoo messenger. While doing these things at multi-tasking environment, my antirust appears and detects the following viruses:

Win32:Trojan-gen infects C:\Windows\Installer\{20e98f54-9cvbcde-82-08ce-03b6cbd5321q}\U\800000cb.@
Win32:Trojan-gen infects C:\Windows\Installer\{20e98f54-9cvb-82-08ce-03b6cbd5321q}\U\80000000.@

I tried to look for the file but I cannot find it. I also run a comprehensive virus scan on my computer and the two Trojan was caught but no actions were carried out. I believe the antivirus crashes in the middle of the removal process.

Please help me get rid of the threat. Kindly suggest a good removal tool to fix the issue on 800000cb.@.

Thanks in advance

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